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KLP REFLEXOLOGY is a health massage company, which was founded established on December 6, 2006 by the business director Alson Lim Ching Wah. At that time, I didn’t have any knowledge of massage, I just stepped into this industry with an entrepreneurial heart. Over the years, I am fortunate to have a group of capable and dedicated foreign masseurs working hard together until now. The mission of KLP REFLEXOLOGY is to cultivate public knowledge about massage. At the same time, it can help busy modern people get health care while eliminating physical and mental fatigue. Our continuous improvement of service and massage technology is bound to bring customers the best massage quality. In addition to the entrepreneurial director, our team also includes various departments and multiple executives. Among them are the legal department, software system department, finance department, marketing department, advertising department, managers, supervisors, frontline attendants and cleaners. We also recruit and encourage local new generations to join our industry and provide training massage techniques and guidance. Discover more technicians who are interested in entering the massage industry. In addition, KLP REFLEXOLOGY has also held various activities, including lucky draws, sharing and exchanges with PUMM members, annual staff gatherings and sponsoring a team to represent Malaysia to Singapore to participate in the Fu Guoqiang International Cup and so on. We are also fortunate to be able to pass on the knowledge and consultation of the KLP REFLEXOLOGY massage industry to the public through various activities of different chambers of commerce. As the saying goes, a conscientious company can stand in the market for more than ten years. In addition to good leadership, the recognition of customers is also a major contribution to a good team. It is hoped that the massage industry can get all-round assistance to allow overseas massage technicians to join the massage industry in Malaysia, which will not only learn more different massage techniques but also promote the country’s economic development.


Encourage the new generation of local people who are adventurous and want to start a business to join, provide employment opportunities and fields-guide entrepreneurs on how to develop various consulting and services in the healthcare and massage industry, and promote a development platform for cooperation opportunities and business opportunities


Promote and share the consultation of health massage, cultivate the public’s misunderstanding and cognition of massage


Become a recognized massage service industry in Malaysia and the world